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zach 88 days ago
hey chris until we get our own up and running check out the gemini guide here - tells you how to write .gmi files
zach 87 days ago
extremely– but we can change that if needed
zach 80 days ago
I'm home and sleepy
zach 80 days ago
west virginia is insane
zach 79 days ago
i follow them on insta but every article they post I feel like "yes cool i agree" without feeling the need to read it idk why. see anything particularly cool on there? I don't really agree with their overall pitch tho tbh
zach 79 days ago
will write something short one sec
zach 79 days ago
ok I wrote something //
zach 79 days ago
juhi tht kamala email is so funny
zach 77 days ago
hey guys I made the west virginia page for u
zach 70 days ago
Cool article on how computer manufacturers are building in less user autonomy and more surveillance =>
zach 64 days ago
I loled
zach 64 days ago
juhi b liek =>
zach 64 days ago
kurt vile is so ugly u heard it hear first
zach 58 days ago
hey yall I'm gonna update the main pages styles soon consider this an open call for aesthetic / font / color ideas
zach 55 days ago
Old ppl really had it easy =>
zach 49 days ago
☾☁︎ my terminal looks like
zach 49 days ago
just tried to scrape a piece of dust off my screen and it wouldn't come off but then I realized it was actually my cursor
zach 44 days ago
>have I become irrelevant at the tender age of 22? LMAO ok Carrie
zach 35 days ago
ellllla come make clothes with me I miss u so
zach 28 days ago
sprouts are sprouting! yesterday it was the shade mix, this morning it is those sweet flowers of the dawn, morning glories!
zach 28 days ago renewed for 5 yrs :)
zach 21 days ago
e-worm is now on gemini!! (the protocol) to browse download this here gemini browser => and go to someone's homepage (e-worm home doesn't work yet)
zach 20 days ago
this is cool and this guy is also working on a really cool programming language
zach 20 days ago
zach 20 days ago
antonio I feel the exact same way ab my one trip to therapy
zach 15 days ago mc server now live 👀
zach 14 days ago
zach 6 days ago
@ juhi this mf king