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specificity breeds interoperability

"Oh, it's chill, any particular client and any particular server can use this for ANY semantics" only makes me more concerned, since it's the foundation for a hundred hundreds of protocols.

IMO, we should resist the temptation to make Gemini a general-purpose application platform, and the like temptation to build a general purpose application platform alongside it.

I prefer the idea of writing protocols that are specific to applications (or classes of applications). A protocol for email; a protocol for message boards; a protocol for file transfer. And a proliferation of both clients and servers for each protocol. The use of HTTP for everything has led to every site being an incompatible siloed application... I'll save the rest of the rant for a gemlog post.

General-purpose protocols create walled-gardens since each new application is required to implement their own logic on top of it. Specific protocols (ftp, email, etc) encourage interoperability since there is a much lower incentive for application-specific logic to be built on top of them.

Similar to: domain-specific-languages being best for end-user programming