Remembering the time Ola and I ditched our co-workers in Osaka to go run around the streets and drink beer w skaters who were very nice but spoke no english. I've really been talking to girls a lot. I think after one date I will not want to talk to random girls any more for a while. Hm.

Also remembering that Laurel Canyon doc and how convinced I was 3 days ago that we need to make ~real~ culture the way they did. But tbh only a few of them were that real– I really just want a community like that to be a part of. And I want an alternative to increasing levels of glitched-out aggressive nihilistic pc-music shit // apolitical feel-good indie shit. Bass music feels like its the middle ground. Wonder where I could push it if I was a proper laptop kid– or if I had an insane setup.


LA is so ugly but very comfy and fun. Glad to be with friends. Stressed ab unemployedness as always. This mediterranean backyard pot-garden is really nice but it needs a trickle of water. So jealous that LA ppl just get to grow whatever fruit they want. I love my new tie-dye shirt. Chungeez.